Terms and conditions


The general terms and conditions of business of the https://www.lavander.hr/en/webshop/ in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and international codes of e-commerce. These terms apply worldwide except for purchases made by customers registered in Croatia and Germany.

OPG Coric Stefica, (registered at Marka Marulica 3b, 44250 Petrinja, Croatia, email [email protected], phone 385 44 862678, VAT 66052879850) manages the https://www.lavander.hr/en/webshop/ online store, later referred to as “online store”.

Please read the online store’s general terms and conditions of business carefully, since users are bound by them as soon as they enter our online store. Users are deemed to have been briefed on the entire content of the general terms and conditions and to have consented, without limitation, to the general terms and conditions offered for every transaction carried out via our online store.

Registered and unregistered users can make purchases at the online store. Upon registering with the online store system, users will receive a username and password which corresponds to their email address and password. The username and password explicitly specify the user and associate him or her with the entered data. By registering, visitors hasten the order process since they no longer need to provide their personal data for every purchase.

The service provider reserves the right to make any changes to the general terms and conditions of business without notice. The changes apply from the moment they are published and are binding on the user.

The online store is open every day, 24 hours a day. Sometimes, for various technical reasons, transactions cannot be processed via the online store or access to the store may even be denied. For this reason, the service provider reserves the right to limit or completely suspend the sale of certain products or an entire range of products for a definite or indefinite period, or limit or completely shut down access to the online store for a definite or indefinite period. The service provider shall not be held accountable for the non-functioning of the store owing to a lack of knowledge of how the store should be used, any consequences resulting from abuse of the online store, service failures owing to network outages, power failures or other technical disruptions that could temporarily, or for a longer period of time, disrupt the use of services.


2.1 Purchase as a “registered user” or “guest”

An order can be placed as a registered user or a guest.

2.1.1 Purchase as a “guest”

If you wish to make a purchase as a guest, you must enter your details for every purchase you make. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Confirm registration by clicking the “Proceed” button.

If you leave any mandatory field empty, you will be redirected back to the registration form where the error or data you forgot to enter will be appropriately marked.

2.1.2 Purchase as a registered user

To register with the webshop.afroditacosmetics.com online store you need a valid email address, to which an email containing registration details will be sent. During the registration process you are required to enter your personal data. Registration saves you time during subsequent purchases, since you do not need to enter your personal data every single time. Your “My account” profile contains details about your order history.

After providing the data required, the next page will inform you that an email with registration details has been sent to the email address you entered. If you do not receive this activation email, check your “Junk” or “Spam” folders.

For an overview of our product range, browse our online catalogue, special discounts section or read through the descriptions listed alongside each product. You can set different filters on the left-hand side of the screen, which enable you to quickly find the product you are looking for. A simple product search is also facilitated by a search engine by keyword, which is located in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

When you find the product you would like to order, click the icon “Add to cart”’. In the upper right-hand side you can track how many products have been added to your SHOPPING CART. When you would like to complete a purchase click the “Proceed to checkout” button in the SHOPPING CART and follow the steps indicated.

The history and order status can be monitored at any time under “My Account” by clicking on “History”.

All the information about the order is also sent to your email address.


The service provider offers the following payment methods for online store purchases:


With payment on delivery you pay the delivery service in cash.


We support payment with Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards through PayWay gateway.


PayPal is a simple, fast and particularly secure payment method for online orders where your credit card number is not disclosed to the seller. Payment via PayPal supports the following cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express

When making payments by PayPal you have two payment option available to you:

c1) You can create your own PayPal account (select the “Have a PayPal account?” option and log-in with your username and password)

c2) If you have yet to setup your PayPal account, you can pay for the goods ordered using one of the following credit or debit cards without prior registration (“as a guest”): Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express (select the “Don’t have a PayPal Account?” option)


All prices at the online store are provided in euros and include VAT (value added tax).

Current prices apply to all orders. The price that is valid when the payment is confirmed will be taken into account for the purchase.

Currently the aforementioned product prices apply, which can be changed without any prior notice.


The validity periods for special offers apply until revoked. The prices at the moment of order confirmation apply to a purchase. The offer is valid until revoked.

The users of the online store can purchase products at promotional prices and special discount prices. Various special discounts, promotional campaigns and other market techniques will be marked accordingly, as well as clearly indicating the terms of participation for every product for which a special promotion or discount applies.


As a type of special promotion, users may even purchase certain products with special discount promotional codes or gift vouchers, which they receive in various ways (via SMS, on flyers, social networks, etc.) Promotional codes bring various purchase benefits and are time limited. The terms and conditions of use will be clearly stated. The entry of a code will be enabled for every product during the first step of an online order – Shopping Cart.


The service provider is firmly committed to protecting your privacy. All the user’s online store personal data are confidential and will not be disclosed in any manner to unauthorized persons.

Most of the pages on our online store may be visited without needing to disclose your personal data, e.g. your name, address and email address. However, certain information may be gained automatically through the use of cookies and pixel tags, which are standard tools in the online industry. The use of cookies and pixel tags allows us to identify your IP address, the type of browser you use and your general activity online. If you disable cookies on your computer, you will not be able to make purchases at our online store.

We require your personal data to make purchases at our online store. We will not disclose the data you have provided to third parties, except for the purposes of confirming the validity of payment card purchases, product delivery, marketing and promotion. The service provider carries out all the necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data.

Users are also responsible for personal data security and are required to ensure the security of their username and password and provide appropriate software and anti-virus protection for their computer.

Customers can delete their personal data from our website. If your personally identifiable information changes, or if you no longer desire our service, you may correct, update or amend by making the change in your account/profile settings page or by emailing us directly at [email protected] . We will respond to your request to access within 30 days. In any event, we will delete or amend any customer’s information that we are storing within 30 days from the receipt of the request if we receive a written request to do so.



The online store will initiate the activities required to carry out the accepted order immediately upon its receipt.


An order is rejected if it cannot be carried out under the aforementioned terms and in accordance with the data available to the online store. Consumers may not demand the execution of such an order.


The electronic order submitted or purchase agreement concluded is stored at the registered office of the company. Users can keep track of all their orders through their profile.


In case of damage or delivery of incorrect products, customer may return the product in 7 calendar days from product delivery date. All cost of product return shall be borne by customer while replacement products will be provided free of charge.

All the costs associated with the unclaimed goods or the sending of the returned goods shall be borne by the customer.

The service provider returns the received purchase price less the aforementioned costs (postage, banking transaction) within 15 days of receiving the returned postal item.


Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, a customer may, without providing any reason for his or her decision, give notice of his or her withdrawal from the agreement or order to a provider of services/products within 15 days of receiving the goods, via the e-mail address [email protected] .

All the costs associated with the unclaimed goods or the sending of the returned goods shall be borne by the customer.

The following costs related to the agreement withdrawal or non-acceptance of the goods shall be borne by the consumer:

– postage

– banking transaction costs

– postal item preparation costs (in the amount of EUR 10)

Upon return, the products must be unopened, unused, undamaged, unchanged in terms of quantity and in their original packaging. The return of the goods must also be accompanied with a copy of the goods invoice, the customer’s personal data and the transaction account to which the customer wishes to receive the refund.

Within 15 days of receiving the written notice, the customer must return the goods to the company’s postal address: OPG Coric, Marka Marulica 3b, 44250 Petrinja, Croatia, marked “Online Sales”.

The service provider returns the received purchase price less the aforementioned costs (postage, banking transaction) within 15 days of receiving the returned postal item.


Delivery of the ordered goods from the online store is also possible in most countries around the world.

The ordered goods are prepared and shipped the same day, meaning that goods are generally received within four to five business days. The delivery period may be longer in countries with customs administration.

If the goods you ordered are out of stock, a delivery period will be mutually agreed.


All orders are prepared and shipped in the course the next 2 business days from the day of order.

If the goods that you ordered are out of stock, a delivery period will be mutually agreed.

Goods are sent via Hrvatska Posta, GLS, DPD or InterEuropa shipping services. Shipping is not carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Please bear in mind that the delivery of postal items also takes a certain period of time. In Croatia the delivery period for most postal items is 2 days, which may be prolonged owing to various reasons beyond our control (defects, accidents, road conditions, etc.)


GLS is our contractual partner for the delivery of postal items. Customers cover postage for purchases under EUR 30. The cost of delivery for purchases under EUR 30 is printed out at the end of your order and on the invoice that you accept together with the ordered products. For purchases above EUR 30, postage is FREE.

The costs of delivery for a product under EUR 30 weighing from 2 to 5 kg is EUR 5.90, from 5 to 10 kg, this is EUR 6.40, and from 10 to 15 kg, this is EUR 6.95.



The delivery costs for shipping goods outside Croatia are charged at a different rate and in accordance with the DPD or GLS price list. Individual purchases to countries inside the EU are limited to a value of EUR 1000.


The delivery costs for shipping goods outside EU are charged at a different rate and in accordance with the DPD price list. Individual purchases to countries outside the EU are limited to a value of EUR 600.

For non-EU countries, the customer makes an additional payment for import customs clearance and duties if so stipulated by law.



All products are checked prior to delivery and shipped undamaged. Your products will be carefully packed in boxes for delivery to ensure they are delivered undamaged and in their original packaging.

Check the goods received immediately. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, a customer is entitled to immediately reject goods delivered by a courier immediately and on-the-spot in the event of any damage to the product which occurred during transport. Therefore, do not accept such damaged goods. Together with the courier, you would be required to complete a complaint record, which represent the basis for the resolution of your complaint. On this basis, we will replace the damaged product with a new one.

You can send your complaint directly by email to [email protected], ensuring your complaint is resolved as soon as possible.


Check the received goods immediately. If the posted package contains the wrong goods, the customer must notify the online store by email at [email protected] no later than three days after receipt. Based on an appropriate notice, the online store replaces the product for the customer as soon as possible. After the returned product is received by the head office of the company, the customer is sent the correct product.


Purchasing and payment via the online store is secure.

All cash transactions completed through the online store are protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and the data encryption protocol. All our websites use HTTPS with 256-bit encryption and our SSL certificates have 4096-bits keys, satisfying the highest security and data protection standards. We constantly update and verify our security certificates and encryption algorithms to keep your data safe. Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art data center in Germany and meet the local data privacy laws.

For the reasons of security and reassurance, all payments performed through your credit card are processed in real time with immediate data verification by the banks. Payment can be made with credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron and American Express).

All data submitted to us are encrypted by means of data encryption technology (SSL). This advanced data encryption process ensures personal data cannot be intercepted. Encrypted personal data is transmitted from your computer to the authorization server of the bank and is not stored on the service provider’s server. If you wish to verify whether your browser is in secure mode during payment, find the lock icon in the bottom corner or at the end of the URL in the browser.


All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, audio files, animations, video recordings, and anything deriving therefrom, at the online store are the subject of copyright and other intellectual property. It is forbidden to copy these items for commercial use or distribute them, nor can they be altered in any way or reposted on any other website. This website may also contain images for which the service provider has gained the right of use but are protected by a third site’s copyright.

Under no circumstances will a service provider be held accountable for any links which are not a part of this website, or any other websites which are or are not associated with this website. The service provider rejects in full any responsibility for the accuracy of any data available on linked websites, and for any products or services available on those websites.


Become a member gain easier shopping experience. By registering with our store, you are entitled to the benefits that we offer:

a) When placing an order, you no longer have to submit your data, since it has already been stored

b) You have the option of reviewing past purchases

c) If you have registered for the receipt of e-news, you will be regularly updated on new features and our special offers


The service provider adheres to the applicable laws on consumer protection. Complaints, comments, claims and statements can be emailed by users to [email protected].

The service provider will confirm receipt of the complaint within five business days at the latest, notify the customer of how long it will take to process the complaint, and keep the customer continuously informed about the course of the complaint procedure. The service provider will strive to the best of its ability to ensure that all disputes are resolved amicably.