Lavender neck pillow

26 x 29 cm

100% cotton


450 g

Made out of the soft linen and designed to fit snuggly around your neck and shoulders, you’ll love our comforting neck pillow. Filled with our fragrant lavender and fine barley, this pillow can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer – double action. When warmed it provides strong lavender scent and helps cure headache and nervous problems and mostly help remove stiffness in neck and other neck pain. This type of aroma therapy and relaxation is very practical at work place, very stresses environment. In a few minutes you can close yourself in your world of peace and calmness. Feel the full power of calming action of lavender scent and drift for a moment on the purple cloud away from everything. You can use the neck pillow in combination with eye pillow or alone when having sleep problems. Lavender is known for centuries when it comes to help making people sleep better.

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