Lavender moisturizing cream

PET teglica

BIO, no preservatives, 6 herbal extracts, hand made


50 ml

Lavender moisturizing cream for face and body with essential oil of Croatian lavandin of Budrovka variety from organic farming. Relaxes and nourishes sensitive skin on the face. Leaves a pleasant sense of freshness and moisturizes upper layers of the skin. Thanks to a mild and non fatty texture, it’s quickly absorbed and it’s made on base of lavender hydrosol instead of plain water. Contains mild active ingredients from plant origin – olive oil, almond oil and shea butter. Enriched with Vitamin E antioxidants and with extended shelf life thanks to 6 extracts of healing herbs combined in Neopein® natural preservative. Ideal hydrating natural cream for day and night use. Recommended to people with sensitive skin and allergies on most common creams that contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives.


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