Empress Cinnamon Honey & Goat milk

8x6x2,2 cm

honey, goat milk, bees wax, cinamon oil


100 g

Handmade luxury skin soap mask created in the south of Europe, on the intersections of ancient empires and religions of East and West. Continuing the old traditions, our family manufactures luxury hand made olive oil soaps enriched with pure local honey, goat milk and luxurious exotic cinnamon oil. Goat milk and honey are famous for their skin protection and moisturizing properties which make your skin soft and silky the natural way. Cinnamon oil once used to be more expensive then gold and we use it for its antiseptic properties on problematic skin. This is our gentle soap rich with nutrients selected for dry, sensitive and even baby skin.
Cured for at least 21 days, our soap is always made the natural way.

INGREDIENTS: water, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, honey, bees wax, goat milk, cinnamon oil, sodium hydroxide

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