• Our story


    Loyal and trusting customers like you recognized what we strived to do from the beginning. Natural is simple, pure, clean, embedded in local culture and everywhere arounds us. Like your favorite creations today – pure natural hand made soaps, pure body balms, ointments, salves, body oils, essential oils and aromatherapy sachets that make you feel safe and confident about what you put on your skin and in your home.
    I am Daniel. My dream was to bring the lush imperial lifestyles of the distant days back into the lives of our family, friends and people who told me endless stories of recipes and essential folk wisdom cures that were given to us by old empires which ruled our enchanting lands for centuries.
    You recognized the passion, love and connection embedded in every product that comes out of our workshop. Without that, it wouldn’t be possible to bring back to life eternal old recipes, almost forgotten in chests and drawers of our grandmothers. Now those recipes deliver enchanting old royal style products to trusting customers all over Europe and even in far away lands like Japan, China and USA.
    Today, we are proud to be one of the drivers of change of the natural farming landscape in Croatia and the regions. Our energy and organic lavender farming experience helped many more to revive their ancestral lands – in harmony with nature.
    Many customers like you found that our products helped them look better and live better lives, either through aromatherapy or by using our folk medicine based natural skin care.
    So how it all happened?

    Family background

    Region of central Croatia has been a historic intersection of ancient empires. It has been ruled by the Greeks, the Roman Empire, Venetian Republic, Austrian Empire, Napoleon’s Empire and Ottoman Turks Empire. All of them fought for our beautiful lands and left a trace of their knowledge and culture. Imperial merchants traded exotic luxurious oils, spices and silk through the city of Kostajnica and Petrinja destined for the aristocracy of Rome, Paris and London.
    Napoleon and his generals designed our cities, enriched culture and brought the manufacturing into the region. Soap workshops took a whole neighbourhood in my city of Petrinja. People made their own soaps and salves at home using the folk medicinal knowledge combined with the new exotic ingredients. Grandparents still remember stories of their parents how it was to live under the extravagant royalty of Austrian and Napoleonic Empire. My grandmother, who still remembers the old life and traditions, was the first consultant on how to make real natural soap that you see now.

    From idea to worldwide markets

    A big piece of family land was standing unused in a picture perfect valley surrounded by forests, hills, and small streams. In the center of it was an abandoned farm where my dad was born. Perfect spot to start turning my dream into reality. It sounded so mystical and magical that I spent months reading all possible resources online, ordered books from abroad and talked to older people in the family to get the right knowledge.
    While studying vintage books from the early and mid 20th century and articles written by royal historians, monks and priests of small villages around the country showed me the way. The smell of yellow old paper soaked in time and hot summer wind whispered the recipes. It was time.
    In one of those documents, a priest advised how to farm medicinal herbs for extraction of essential oils and making of natural salves and tonics. Studying Business management at that time, my group had to create a business plan and decided to use the lavender farms and cosmetics workshop idea. Somehow it got to someone else and they sent it to a government sponsored contest which led to the best business plan award. A shocker for all.
    This answers one of the he most asked questions I heard: How did you decide to do this kind of work?

    Humble beginnings

    WHO – Family run company: father, mother, son, daughter, cousins, neighbors. Very modest then, growing and optimistic now, flexible, employing people, not machines. Helping family, neighbors and customers, not shareholders.
    WHERE – Everything you would see in our product list is actually made either on our farm in central Croatia or in the workshop next to our house. From our family to you. From Croatia with love. Hardworking proud people in small and proud country located in the southeast of big and amazing Europe. Kissed by the sun and Mediterranean Sea.
    WHEN - Since 2004. until now. Reviving old recipes and sharing our passion for all natural remedies with you.

    The bedazzled neighbors

    It was time to roll up the sleeves, plant a lavender farm and see how to put the vintage creams, soaps and lotions formulas back to life. One thing is sure - It wasn’t easy. Fighting the bureaucracy, suspicious suppliers and sellers, neighbors wondering what are we doing… Building a specialty organic lavender farm with a natural wellness product workshop was laughed at. Some were counting the days before we go bankrupt.

    Baby steps

    In the beginning you could find us at farmer’s markets, natural products fairs, city festivals and expos. Floral stand full of lavender and mysterious creams and potions were drawing more and more attention from nature lovers. Childhood feelings and memories of your parents and grandparents resurfaced when you would touch, try and smell our products.
    From disbelief to curiosity, people started to join in on this unimaginable feat once they were convinced that we aren’t going under but struggle, grow and develop. Many farmers became suppliers – flowers, wild herbs, honey, beeswax, oils and even goat milk found their way in the workshop to be transformed in the healing salves and soothing royal soaps.

    Why choose us?

    You support a product that really works and helps, product that is made from carefully selected natural ingredients, an operation that is made of family members and neighbors, a location which is recovering from long period of neglect and hard life. Each soap is a collection of ancient knowledge mixed together by hands of hardworking parents, sons, sisters and brothers.
    Each cream contains much more precious butters and oils than you would imagine. Because we respect you, if you select our body butter, it will have about 60% of cocoa and Shea butter inside. Skin balms and salves will have pure beeswax, cocoa butter, Shea butter and olive oil up to 80% of the total content while soaps are minimum 50% olive oil and rest coconut and palm oil enriched with true essential oils. Your body will recognize the power of rich natural skin nutrients if you give it a chance.
    Products you see are tested on family and friends. And they work due to our respect for natural elements and ancient wisdom used to create them. Thousands of our followers, people like you, trust us to take care of them like we would of ourselves.